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Best Places for a Chicago Dog in the City

Chicago is a foodie city and not only that, but a city proud for their famous eats. One food we are particularly proud of is our Chicago style hot dog (no ketchup please!). In celebration of National Hot Dog Day being on July 19th this year, we decided to gather a list of our 19 favorite places in the city to get our famous dogs.

1. Portillo’s
*From July 16th-July 22nd, celebrate National Hot Dog Week at your local Portillo’s! Get two Portillo’s hot dogs for only $5 at all locations.

2. Dog Haus

3. Superdawg Drive-In

4. Fatso's Last Stand

5. The Clark Street Dog

6. Wolfy's

7. Byron's Hot Dogs

8. Wiener Circle

9. Chicago's Dog House

10. Gene & Jude's

11. Kim and Carlo's Chicago Style Hot Dog Store

12. Flub A Dub Chub's

13. UB Dogs

14. Max's Take Out

15. Jim's Original

16. Chubby Wieners

17. Hot Doug's

18. Old Town Social

19. Murphy's Red Hots